Physically Challenged Teen Star Athlete, Ezra Frech Driven by Desire to Excel

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Ezra is a Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track and Field athlete. Though born physically challenge, the teenager has gone on to prove that if you can dream it, you can birth it. Little wonder his motto reflects this assertion. With his motto, motto is “You can Dream it, You can Hope for it, or You can Make It Happen,”Ezra has sure made plenty happen.

Ezra Frech has been through a lot in his short life. Due to a congenital abnormality, he was born with a dramatically curved left leg and only one finger on his left hand. Doctors had to amputate his leg when he was just 11 months old, replacing it with a prosthetic limb. They then attached the big toe from the foot of his amputated leg onto his left hand to serve as a thumb, giving him partial functionality of his hand.
Since he could crawl Ezra has loved sports. When Ezra was born, he only had one finger on his left hand and was completely missing his left knee and shinbone. That didn’t stop him. Ezra began to pull himself up to stand at only 11 months old. This led to his first prosthetic leg from Shriners Hospital Los Angeles and he has been unstoppable ever since.
Now as a teenager, Ezra is a national recorder holder in track and field, plays basketball, football, soccer, skateboards and surfs. He’s a well-rounded student-athlete receiving good grades in school and actively participates in school leadership, theatre, and musicals. He’s also an accomplished motivational speaker frequently speaking to corporate and youth crowds in the thousands. Ezra has been featured on CBS Sports, Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America and was a 2014 finalist for Sports Illustrated SportKid of the Year. He’s also the Chief Ambassador & Youth Council Lead of Angel City Sports, organizers of the Angel City Games in Los Angeles.
As a human thoughts of his physical challenge do filter through, but Ezra often replays that with thoughts of everything he has achieved and remembers how lucky he is in other ways. He has a loving and supportive family, a great school, lots of friends, and the ability to play sports. Having all of these things is much more important to him than wishing he had been born differently, and he tries to share this philosophy with others, as often as he can. It’s okay to be different because we’re all human and that’s what really matters.

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Africh Royale

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