Right On! The Teen Idol Type Magazine that Fostered Black Entertainment

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It was sizzling, it was unputdownable, it was the American teen magazine which covered everything and everyone African-American, and involved in the entertainment business.

First published by the Laufer Company in 1972, with editor/creator Judy Wieder and art director William Cragun, the magazine also offered make-up tips to female readers, and even had a then trendy pen pals section.

Birthed in 1972 out of the desire to have a teen idol type magazine for African Americans, the first cover and indeed several other issues focused primarily on the lives and careers of The Jackson 5, featuring numerous interviews with each Jackson family member.

Virtually all the old school hits of the 60’s to the late 90’s with many of them from the stable of Motown Records, featured prominently on Right On. In the 1980s Right On was instrumental in the popularity of R&B teen group New Edition.

From Rick James singing at a prom at the height of his career to various great acts of the day such as Shalamar, Lakeside, Con Funk Shun, The Dazz Band, The Temptations, Diana Ross, Prince, Lionel Ritchie, Kool and the Gang, or Wacko Jacko, Right on Magazine just got you going right on with the groove of the time.

The magazine later published by Dorchester Media was rich with articles and pictures of pop and R&B’s biggest names.

Right On continued publishing until 2011 when it was rested.








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