Rio Ferdinand Names Didier Drogba as the Deadliest African Opponent He Ever Faced

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Didier Drogba who retired recently from football has been names by former Manchester United defender as the most deadly opponoent frm Africa he ever faced in his footballing career.

He is very good. Drogba would be nowhere on the pitch for 90 minutes. He would be anonymous. He doesn’t do anything.” Ferdinand said.
“But just at a point you thought the game was over, he appears from nowhere and scores. That is how deadly he was. Another great player I respect is Samuel Eto’O. He is very good. Emmanuel Adebayor is also there but Drogba and Eto’O are the two unforgettables.”
“Yes, I decided to go into boxing after my footballing career. I trained and did all necessary. I was good to go but, they didn’t give me the license to go ahead. Perhaps they were scared that I will beat them all…. (laughter)”
“The problem with Man Utd is you don’t know who is going to play in Man United’s next game. The team files out each week without the fans knowing who to expect on the field.”
“In my days, the fans already know before each game that Vidic and I were going to be in the central defence. This is applicable in other departments of the team. We knew ourselves. This created a bond among the players and gave us the desired results, achievement and success.”
“If you ask Jose Mourinho who is going to be in his team for any game, he doesn’t even know….It is not that I am criticising him. It’s not in my character to do that. I cannot criticise the same team I support in the public. But truth must be told. I am saying this because the guy who asked me the question emphasised on comparing my time and the present team.”
“They are two different periods and mine was better. We had a team of players willing to work together by complementing each other’s especially in the area of weakness. We had a stronger team.”
“Unlike other Ambassadors of global brands, most of them don’t know the brands they are promoting. But it is different in my case. While playing for Manchester United, I used to have few Guinness drinks in my refrigerator.”
“We had the Guinness Ponche. It’s a different brand. I don’t drink them but I had them regularly in the refrigerator in any case the need arises. So you can understand the deep bond and affection that exist between Guinness and I.”
“This is the reason, I found it easier to align with the brand and the whole Ambassadorial responsibility. The concept FANS MADE OF MORE becomes a very attractive medium to relate with the fans and make them appreciate the brand and drink as the best.”

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