Ruth Oshikanlu Appointed Member Of The Order Of the British Empire

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Ruth Oshikanlu

Growing up, Ruth Oshikanlu had a clear vision of who and what she wanted to become, and being a doctor was not a part of that vision even though her parents thought it was the best for her.

Ruth Oshikanlu

However what she chose to become was not really far from being a doctor. Ruth’s passion rested in helping women to have their babies their way, and so she decided to focus on community midwifery, qualifying as a midwife after a thorough grounding in the National Health Service and hospital environment.

She enables pregnant women to have a stress-free pregnancy, become serene and soulful as they grow a happy soul within them. She also equips mothers with a template that they use for the rest of their parenting journey.

A parenting expert, Queen’s nurse, midwife and health visitor, “ has over 22 years’ experience practising in the United Kingdom. She manages Ruth’s parenting centres on beginning the bonding process in the womb.

Ruth is also the author of ‘Tune into Your Baby: Because Babies Don’t Come with An Instruction Manual’, and has developed the Tune into Your Baby approach.

“The approach is a holistic parenting programme that equips you to harness the power of your mind along with connecting with your baby in utero to get the desired outcome of becoming a happy and connected mother of a happy and connected baby.” She says.

Multiple award-winning Oshikanlu is also the founding director of Goal Mind, a coaching consultancy that specialises in improving personal performance at work by uncovering employee motivations.

For her services to Community Nursing, Children and Families, Ruth Oshikanlu has been appointed as a member of the order of the British Empire (MBE) in the New Year 2019 Honours List.

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