TAC Studios announces a new partnership in the production of new series across Africa

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TAC Studios

TAC Studios, the production arm of US-based the ‘Africa Channel’, has proclaimed four new series being produced in Africa for the global market. Budding on its promise to invest in talent and foster excellence and quality in Africa media production. The company is delighted to announce new productions and partnerships from across Africa to add to its existing extensive and diverse slate of Africa-influenced content.

The new series produced is a combination of unscripted and scripted projects, which reflect the breadth and depth of talent and storytelling available across Africa. These include SECOND HUSBAND – a scripted series based on the popular Nigerian film of the same name (a co-production with Biola Alabi Media in Nigeria); MY DESIGN RULES – a competition reality series in the world of real estate design (a partnership with Cardova Productions, in South Africa); MAY’S KITCHEN – a cooking show featuring the talented celebrity chef, May Yocoubi (a partnership with Filmedia in Egypt); and THE YARD – a drama series set in the world of the hip-hop scene in Nairobi (a co-production with Currency MEDIA in Kenya)

In a statement made available by Brendan Gabriel, Johannesburg-based head of Creative and Production for TAC Studios said that, “We are delighted to continue to evolve our network of relationships all over the continent establishing our Studio as a key hub for Pan African content creation. The producers and talent – either established or new – we are working with bring an authentic voice to their storytelling and we want to ensure that their stories are in circulation globally and reach .”

“With the recent announcement of streamers with the likes of Amazon and Netflix and who are investing in content from Africa for their global viewership, TAC Studios has established itself as a key supplier to these entities,” he said.

“After collaborating with Ominek Venture Group (OVG) to produce the feature film ‘Second Husband’, we were very keen on finding a co-producer and co-creator with African origins to partner on the series. We are delighted to unite with TAC Studios on this fierce and interesting project,” said Biola Alabi of Biola Alabi Media.

The executive producer at Cardova Production, Patience Steven, also commented on the partnership that “We are pleased to work with TAC Studios on our series ‘My Design Rules’, as a first of many future partnerships, building on prior relationship with its subsidiary company, The Africa Channel have successfully introduced our most-watched daily show ‘Expresso Morning show’ to audiences in North America and the Caribbean.”

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These shows are being created with a global esthetic for audiences both for North American, across Africa and UK Pay TV and streaming platforms such as Demand Africa and The Africa Channel. They come on on the heel of other recent productions from TAC including Minjiba Entertains, World Wide Nate and Africa on a Plate; which have successfully been distributed to platforms in Africa as well as globally.

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