The Aborigines began their journey over 60,000 years ago, branching off from humans who left Africa

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Prior to the revelation on the origination of Australia, surrounding islands and Papua New Guinea in 2011, there have been endless arguments over the origins of the Australia, surrounding islands and Papua New Guinea.

The Aborigines which consist of black women and men have occupied the same territory longer than any other human population. The only other group of people on this planet who have existed longer than the Aborigines are Africans themselves.

Specifically, scientists found that the oldest human remains in Australia date to around 50 millennium years ago, and yet older stone tools discovered in India and elsewhere hint at an early southern migration of anatomically modern humans out of Africa and through India and Southeast Asia.

The discovery also reveals that the Aborigines began their journey over 60,000 years ago, branching off from humans who left Africa.

Not only are the Aborigines the pioneers of Australian civilization, they are also regarded as some of the strongest people on Earth.

The Australian Aborigines have the ability of a near superhuman resistance to the elements, and are genetically created to stand a wide range of environmental temperatures. They were study to have been able to sleep naked on bare floor at night in below freezing conditions in desert conditions where the temperatures easily rose to above 40 degrees Celsius during the day.

By the same token, Tasmanian Aborigines would sleep in snow drifts with nothing on apart from an animal skin.

According to the report of April 2017 edition of the National Geographic magazine, we believed that this abilities of Australian Aborigines is due to a beneficial mutation in the genes which regulate hormones that control body temperature.

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