Three Female Students Nabbed With Calabashes at Midnight

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three female students

Three female students of a university in Osun state were caught at a T-junction. They were caught in the process of trying to have their baths right there in the middle of the night.

Around 2 o’ clock in the middle of the night, these three female students were found with calabash on their heads. Other items such as underwears were also seized from these female students. These underwears were suggested to have been those of their colleagues. Other items that were found in their possession were local sponges, buckets of water, and three containers that were filled with different types of charm.

These students were apprehended while they were trying to arrange the things they brought before taking their baths. The vigilante within the area noticed some suspicious behaviours and deemed it fit to approach them. Upon arrival at the scene, the vigilantes were deeply shocked at what they saw and began to interrogate the girls. The vigilantes asked the girls to step aside from their charms and go on their knees while they interrogated them.

three female students

The three female students, however, tried to explain themselves out of the situation. One of them laid claim to the fact she was supposed to give those things that were found with her to her sick mum. She blatantly denied ownership of the things that were found on her. She also maintained that she wasn’t planning to take anyone’s glory; neither did she intend to engage in any fetish act. She insisted that it was all to help her solve her own personal problems.

According to her, she said “People who know me know that my mum has been on the sick bed for three years. The stuff they found with me is meant for me to send to her this morning very early. I went to Asipa to collect it from the man who is treating her”.

“So on our way back, they hijacked me – I mean the vigilante, and they asked me what is with me. I explained to them that I have soap, I have sponge, I have hard pot with me which is meant for my mum”.

Speaking further, she said “but they did not believe. They started harassing me and outnumbered me”.

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The vigilante men then decided to go search her house. After searching her apartment, she said they found nothing incriminating there. She also said that the underwears that were seen inside her belongings were actually picked up from her residence.

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