Amara La Negra Defends Her Afro Origins in a Black Conservative Talk Show

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Amara La Negra

While the world is increasingly frowning at racism, Afro-Dominican, Amara La Nagra, recently defended her afro roots in a black conservative talk show. She did this to the delight of many people across the world.

Amara is a singer, model and ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ star from the Dominican Republic. She debuted last year on the reality TV show. She won the love and support of many black Americans and Caribbeans for standing her grounds against a racist co-star, Young Hollywood, who blatantly told her he didn’t like her afro, skin, and anything related to her being black.

This got people to applaud the much-adored defense of her color and afro, which she has always maintained.

In a recent video circulating on social media, Amara, who appeared on black conservative talk-show host, Jesse Lee Peterson’s The Fallen State show, gave a dignified and sarcastic reply to Peterson when he tried convincing her to not identify as Afro-Latina if she wanted to progress in her career. This came after she said she looks like an African-American woman.

“There is no such thing as an African-American woman”, Peterson interjected Amara. “They made that up. They are American. They were born here, but they are dumb, and so they are calling themselves African-Americans because they don’t think for themselves. You don’t even look like them. Why would you want to attach that to your name?” he added.

An astonished Amara in response to Peterson said: “You know you are very special”.

Peterson, still adamant, continued to make his case claiming she’ll be more successful if she didn’t identify as an Afro-Latina.

“You’d do much better and sooner if you didn’t have the ‘Afro-Latina”, he claimed. However, Amara begged to differ and stood her ground.

“No, no, no, no, no! I will always be Afro-Latina! That’s why I’m an activist. I love my melanin. I love my background. I love my race”, she replied.

Peterson, however, “advised” her to do away with the “afro stuff” because she’s hurting herself. And according to him, “they” are never going to accept her.

“They don’t have another option but to. See I’m breaking barriers and it’s working”, she countered. But Peterson, as usual, still told her to do away with the “afro thing”, because “Blacks only get into positions because of their color, not because they are qualified”.

Amara replied with a long sarcastic “OK”, and followed it with the long-awaited and much-needed check: “Like you, you’re not qualified to be here now”, she told him.

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