Artificial intelligence: Improving the Way We Take Coffee

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Ai Technology Today:

Coffee is an essential element in any office, because it saves us from those slow and boring mornings, in which it is difficult to stay awake.

Helsinki is, according to the International Coffee Organization, where coffee is highly consumed per inhabitant, first among countries such as Norway, Iceland, Denmark or Sweden.

In a computer company in the Finnish capital, called Giosg , they drink an average of six to eight coffees a day with a perfect temperature, to stay awake, active and focused. The data engineers of this company came together to solve this “problem” by applying an artificial intelligence system in the office.

This company’s data engineers and scientists believed they could resolve this conflict with a bot, so they set up a webcam, which transmitted the image of the coffee machines directly, and applied the same method they use when they handle the orders of consumers.

They started by using a single-board Raspberry Pi computer , which costs less than € 100, with a camera that taxed planes at regular intervals. And by means of a frame, manufactured with a three-dimensional printer, they fastened the recording device. After making about 10,000 shots, they labeled them so that the machine could alert them when there was coffee and when not.

With a plate of less than 100 euros, a video camera, a 3D printer and an automatic learning program managed to solve the problem, which also informs the workers how much liquid remains in each container.

The machine communicates with workers through “Slack,” the communication tool that works through a global chat, designed for internal communication of workers.

Workers can ask the algorithm if there is coffee and this because it compares captured images every ten seconds, gives them a reliable answer at the moment, just as a human companion would.

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