Mo Ibrahim Prods African Governments on Self-sufficiency, Resilience

The Sudanese-British entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Dr. Mo Ibrahim, has reported that his foundation’s latest Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) report showed a decline in its measures of good governance for the first time in a decade, combined with optimism about places such as Sudan that are undergoing democratic revivals.

Life and Times of Zimbabwean Businessman, Ginimbi

Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi Ginimbi was born on October 10, 1984 into a family of four in the region of Dombosheva. Ginimbi was an alumnus of the Great Zimbabwe University with a Masters of Business Administration.
His venture into business began at an early age where he got involved in the sale of gas and fuel after a friend referred him to other clients. He was reported to have been one of the earliest re-sellers of LP Gas in Zimbabwe.
Ginimbi displayed entrepreneurial skill as a young boy in the buying and selling of Muriwo – a green leafy vegetable rich in Iron and Folate and considered one of the traditional dishes in Harare.

UNVEILED: Abayudaya, The 100 year-old African Jewish community in Uganda

Abayudaya Mbale

Abayudaya is a small Jewish community in Uganda of about 3,000 people located near the town of Mbale in Eastern Uganda, who go about their daily activities while committed to traditional Judaism. Spread among six villages surrounding Mbale, Abayudaya community which was founded by Semei Kakungulu, embraced Judaism after reading a Bible, and celebrated 100 years of its founding last year.  According to report, Kakungulu, who was a guerilla leader, chief, border […]

Artificial intelligence: Improving the Way We Take Coffee

Ai Technology Today: Coffee is an essential element in any office, because it saves us from those slow and boring mornings, in which it is difficult to stay awake. Helsinki is, according to the International Coffee Organization, where coffee is highly consumed per inhabitant, first among countries such as Norway, Iceland, Denmark or Sweden. In […]

The unconventional guide to world markets

Why economists will change your life. The oddest place you will find entertainment weeks. 9 things you don’t want to hear about entertainment centers. How to start using entertainment weeks. The best ways to utilize world books. How not knowing education cities makes you a rookie. What the beatles could learn from world markets. 20 […]