Black lady donates kidney to her mentor 

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In a world where racism is at its peak, it is delightful to say there are still selfless humans who would go extra-miles or do the extraordinary to put a smile on others. Centuries ago, the blacks were seen as a disease, but as it appears the disease has now become a cure. 

“Givers never lack”. For every act of kindness, there are always rewards for such an act. After selflessly donating her kidney to her mentor, hair educator Acia Williams has received a salon as a gift. 

According to CNN, Williams, the Washington DC-based stylist served under Chet Bennett for almost a decade as a salon manager. Bennett has been key in guiding her along with her cosmetology career for the past 2 decades. He’s one of the pioneers of the Bennett Career Institute where Williams garnered her skills.

In 2018, she discovered that Bennett who was also her mentor and friend was in need of a kidney transplant. He had been on dialysis for over a year. Thereafter, Williams decided to take steps involved to see if she could be his donor.

Williams said, “God was in my spirit, just like, ‘He told me, you are his match, and you are going to donate your kidney to him.” 

“Everybody loves him, because he’s just a genuine person. He has always been a giver, and always helpful. He’s had hundreds and hundreds of students.”

Meanwhile ,after discovering she was a match and undergoing several tests to ensure a successful process, Williams had the surgery in 2019.

While she was recovering, Bennett posted that she would give Williams the salon shop she once managed. He officially transferred the shop over to Williams in October and she recently hosted a grand opening celebration for the salon. The salon has been renamed “A New Image by Acia”. 

Bennett speaking of Williams said that she can’t thank Williams enough for her selfless act and wanted to make her entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

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