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The late Nigerian Arts Virtuoso, Ben Enwonwu, whose works continue to rake in millions and million of dollars. Ben Enwonwu is the Nigerian Arts Virtu [...]
The 19th century witnessed numerous ugly events of the blacks, one which wasn’t all recorded. Despite this ugly life, enslaved blacks managed to adap [...]
Zambian author Namwali Serpell has been crowned winner of one of the world’s most prestigious literary awards, the  “Yale’s Windham Campbell Prizes 2 [...]
Behind a chartreuse veil, stitched with pearls of the same color, a woman gazes at the camera. Her gele, a signifier of her Nigerian heritage, is art [...]
When you get the chance to join a community circus for a day, you don’t say no. Fekat is more than a circus – for some of its artists, students, and [...]
Sanusi was ousted on Monday by the Kano State government for “disrespect” and “insubordination” to the State governor Abdullahi Ganduje and other [...]
For most of us, the interesting story we heard and read of the Benin art still comes with doubt. In this article, we would delve more into the Benin [...]
Africans are blessed with a diverse group of people with different kingdoms. These kingdoms might have gone into extinction or out of radar, but one [...]
Several stories, tales, history and culture have been told about  nations. In reality, little time is accorded the discussion of black history. Many [...]
Jenney Fazande has broken down gender barriers and now holds a rare position for a female, as a director at the National World War Museum in Louisian [...]
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