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Blind people are not expected to get around without assistance in Egypt, but twenty-seven-year-old Nabila Saleh, who has been blind since birth, has [...]
There is always a reverse side to everything, so it can be safely surmised that the reverse of Shakespeare's quote "The evil that men do live after t [...]
Many Africans have been brainwashed into believing that the mobile phone was invented by Europeans. But the truth is that it was not. It should be no [...]
It is not a name that would readily ring a bell; at least for now but Jihan Abass, a 26-year-old Kenyan is already making history in Africa, having s [...]
A new report fraom Juniper Research found that annual revenues from tokenised mobile payments, where account details are replaced with data useless a [...]
Researchers in Tanzania have developed a digital application that empowers communities to use smartphones to detect and report the outbreak of diseas [...]
Nigerian digital financial platform, Carbon has launched a new $100,000 Pan-African fund targeted at insurance, health and education tech startups on [...]
Creativity is the mother of hard work. Hard work without creativity would yield empty results. While still in the spirit of Black History Month, it w [...]
World tech giant Google is investing in the lives of Black youths who desire to pursue a career in tech. The official statement released by NAACP sta [...]
The scientific and technological ingenuity of the Black race has been over the years been hidden, belittled and under-appreciated. One of such unprono [...]
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