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Fintech was up till recently, the domain of plucky start-ups. But that seems to be history with the big tech entering the financial services. Faceboo [...]
When in 2010, she quit her job in the bank to start a waste recycling business, not a few thought Kenyan Lorna Rutto had lost it. But armed with all [...]
Twitter is set to begin effecting its ban all political advertising worldwide, saying that the reach of such messages "should be earned, not bought". [...]
Techno Brain and Microsoft Corporation have entered a partnership to help farmers in Africa improve crop yields and increase income via a Digital Agr [...]
A 10-year-old Nigerian boy, Oluwafayokunmi Olurinola has won the Ijebu-Ode Future City Challenge for the plastic road prototype. Oluwafayokunmi won t [...]
Researchers have taken many different approaches in trying to make the "superpower" of seeing around corners a reality. For example, in 2015, researc [...]
The recent history of innovation and development in Rwanda continues, its upward spiral with the launching of a model of electric motorbikes and bicy [...]
Also, they claimed that the babies were not hurt. But those were just false accounts in a bid to hide their heinous crimes. Which sane mother would a [...]
Guion S. Bluford became the first African American to travel into space as a mission specialist on the Challenger space shuttle in 1983. Synopsis Gui [...]
Success certainly comes at a price, but something worthy of being strived at if one is keen on standing out.This is the story of Bethlehem Alemu from [...]
1 2 3 4 5 20 30 / 194 POSTS