Eno Eka: The Trailblazing Nigerian Business Analyst taking giant strides

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Resilient, Dream chaser, ambitious aptly describe Eno Eka: a Nigerian making a living in Canada as a Business Analyst.

She is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Eny Consulting: a consulting and coaching firm in Alberta, Canada with global recognition in providing business analysis solutions and consultancy services to business owners. 

All of these solutions are hinged on her numerous coaching sessions, webinars and initiatives which are tailor made towards creating value for her clients.

Her inspiring professional journey is dotted with breaking barriers in the midst of attendant challenges in a foreign environment and eventually changing the narrative for new immigrants in Canada. 

Eny Consulting qualitative service is a certified game changer in redefining the business and professional space for immigrants in Canada. With global testimonies about her excellent service, it is no surprise at the amount of awards and achievement she has racked up.

In an interview with Africhroyale, she opens up about her professional journey and future plans to consolidate on Eny Consulting’s global reach.

Tell us about your background (Family and Education) in Nigeria?

Eno, full name Eno-obong is the first daughter of four children. Born in Lagos State to parents who hail from Akwa-Ibom and Imo state respectively. She attended Fountain Nursery and Primary School, Queens College Yaba and University of Benin.

How has adjusting to life in Canada been for you?

Adjusting to life in Canada gives me a bit of mixed feelings as I lost my bags on my flight to Canada and started life here without my belongings. Thankfully, it took me only a short while to integrate into the society here.

In two years and seven months, I can say I am fully settled here with a thriving career and business that has received over 10 awards.

How did your career as a business analyst begin?

My career as a business analyst began back in Nigeria when I was working as an Accountant. I wanted to be more involved in critical business decision making while using innovation and technology to achieve the business goals and objectives.

After doing my research, I went ahead to take courses, get certifications and go all in. It has been a very rewarding experience so far. I now help other people around the world do the same.

What inspired the creation of Eny Consulting?

Eny Consulting was inspired by the need to provide business consulting services to companies in my community who need advisory services for the small and medium scale businesses that can not afford the big consulting firms. There was also a huge need for training and coaching to help new immigrants in Canada who needed help with coaching to start and grow their careers after migrating.

What is the goal of Eny Consulting?

Our goal is to help clients globally increase their income and revenue using our best in class business analysis practices.

Who are your mentors and greatest influences?

My mother is my biggest influence, she is a go-getter and self-starter. I believe I got these traits from her.

Oprah and Michelle Obama are strong black women that I admire and inspire me to dream big!

What were the challenges you faced in Canada in your professional journey?

Challenges I faced in Canada asides from the cultural workplace differences were understanding the job recruitment process, not having the Canadian work experience and understanding how to leverage my Nigerian experience to get a good job.

Your success story is inspiring. What was your motivation to keep going despite these challenges?

My motivation has always been the impact I want to make globally. Every day I wake up and look at my vision board, I see my future in my mind’s eye, I know I cannot  stop. I must keep going because nations will be impacted by my work.

What is your opinion about personal development?

Personal development is very key to one’s career success. You owe it to yourself to continuously improve your knowledge and skills. I believe personal development is similar to a bank account, if you keep withdrawing from it, the balance does not increase instead it depletes. This is the mentality we should adopt in our daily lives.

What is the connection between business analysis and business efficiency?

Business analysis techniques are used to help businesses implement changes, make the right decisions and adopt the right technologies and processes that will yield the best benefits at the lowest cost with the highest value

Tell us about the Business Analysis Accelerator Coaching Programme and Career Elevation Mastermind?

The Business Analysis Accelerator Program is a 12- week course designed to help aspiring business analysts kick start their careers, get their dream jobs and live fulfilled lives through a proven system which includes mind-set, confidence, business analysis knowledge areas, competencies, techniques, project management, change management, software development life cycle, practical hands-on training on tools and techniques, agile methodologies, resume, interview, job search strategies and many more. 

The Career Elevation Mastermind is a 4 – week coaching program designed to help professionals at all levels in their careers learn how to grow strategically, build their personal brands and become leaders in their industries. All areas of career progression are covered inside this programme with dedicated assignments and resources to help participants start taking action towards their career goals.

What is your advice to immigrants who aspire to become professionals in Canada?

Make sure you prepare ahead of your arrival. Here are some things to do:

Do your research about Canada and your intended province. Do an in-depth research about your profession to understand the requirements to practice because some professions are regulated by licensing bodies. Start building your professional network ahead of your arrival. Take courses and get certifications to validate your foreign experience quickly. Get a mentor or coach to guide you through your transition process.

What are the skills required of a business analyst?

There are so many skills required of Business analyst but I will list the six main categories of skills: Analytical & Problem Solving skills, Interaction Skills, Communication Skills, Business Knowledge, Behavioural Skills, Knowledge of tools and Technology

As a potential business analyst, how does one adapt to changes in the business environment as demanded by employers?

Stay up to date with global industry trends by following thought leaders and relevant blogs and magazines. Reading books and attending conferences to learn from other industry experts. Use your own organization and industry to start analysing the market and benchmarking with competitors.

How does one leverage technology in creating business analysis solutions?

We can leverage technology by automating manual processes hence making our processes faster so we can serve more customers and keep them satisfied. Businesses should adopt technology to improve their employee satisfaction and customer experience, when these two stakeholders are kept happy, the business prospers.

How does Eno relax and unwind?

I like to read books, cook, watch comedy shows and listen to music.

What is your philosophy of Life?

We are all on earth for a purpose, when you know your purpose you start to live a life of total service to humanity. It is a great gift to realise one’s purpose. As Socrates said “Man know thyself”, “An unexamined life is not worth living”. Seek to know your purpose and how you can live an impactful life. This has been a game changer for me.

What are your future goals?

My future goals are to take my company, Eny Consulting into more countries by serving more clients. We are a global consulting company, hence our worldwide reach. I want to travel to more countries and share my story to inspire other people around the world. I also have big plans to make a very visible impact in my home country, Nigeria and Africa through my company.

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