Fashion is a line leading to life – CEO, Fizzycollections

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Hello! May we know you?

My name is Ibrahim Afeez Abiodun. I am a native of Oyo state, Saki west, from the family of Aseperi. I was born and brought up in Oshodi, Lagos and I’m still presently in Oshodi. I went to Ikeja grammar school at Oshodi before changing to Ikeja High School at Ikeja.



Did you venture into the fashion business by chance or by choice?

 It’s something I really want, I love it.


Why did you decide to settle for sales of wears?

Why I decided to settle for sales of wears is that I love dressing people. If you are putting on something that doesn’t look good or isn’t worth it, I’ll complain about it and you will have to change your wears when I complain. Because I wouldn’t let go until you change. Lol


What were your fears when you ventured into the business?

 My fears when I started were just about getting clients to patronize me. But Alihamdulillah! Things have been going on well.


Did you have any support, loan or grant when you started out?

 No support from anybody. No loan or grant. It’s all the grace of God that has kept me going, and I say Alihamdulillah to that.


What would you admonish the government to do to help small and medium scale entrepreneurs like you?

 If the government could help provide loans for young citizens, things would have been a lot easier for us. Because most of us have business ideas, but no one to help. You just have to stand up for yourself

What’s the name of your business and why did u choose to settle for that name? 

My business name is Fizzycollections. My name is Afeez, so I felt like yeah fizzy can still go with Afeez. That’s where I got the fizzycollections.


How do you acquire new clients? 

Well, my first patronage came from close friends and family. And since then, most of my clients have come as referrals from satisfied customers. Really, it’s been God. I say thank you to God for the love and trust I’m getting from my clients


Do you have plans to further expand your business? 

Yes, of course I really want to.  But you know the saying about money. So, believe me, I want to expand it.


 If u want to diversify your business, what would you consider venturing into? 

If I’m going to diversify my business, it’s still going to be within the world of fashion. I’ll just be looking at other areas.


Are you single or married?

Laughs…. I’m single


Do you mix business with pleasure when dealing with your female clients?

I don’t really have female clients, but I look forward to having female clients as well.

What is your greatest fear? 

Hmmm! My greatest fear in life is not being able to put food on the table for my family. So, I make sure I do the right thing at the right time, because time waits for no one.


What is your deepest regret?

I don’t regret nothing. I just learn from my past experiences.


Do you like or follow politics?

 I don’t follow or like politics because it’s a game of death. Laughs


Do you believe your vote counts?

Hmmm! That’s a deep question. I really can’t say to that


What are the contact handles of your brand?

Facebook page:

Instagram & Twitter: @fizzycollection 

Number: 09012049240 

WhatsApp: 07050688593


Do you have a brand website? 

No! I don’t have a website, but I’m still working on that.


Are you proud of the fact that you style people and determine their fashion statements?

That has always been a joy to me. I’m really proud about it


What advice would you give potential investors or Nigerians abroad who intend to invest in Nigeria’s fashion industry? 

Hmmm! My advice to Nigerians abroad is that there is no place like home. No matter where you go or where you are, always remember the road that will lead you home.  Nigeria is a very good place to be. When you are clean here in Nigeria, you won’t have any problem with the cops or anyone. When you have made money, please come back home and invest in any business of your choice and let your fellow brothers and sisters in Nigeria benefit from you, and leave the rest to God almighty. 

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