Ghana Rugby Football President praises sponsors ahead of three-Nation Rugby competition

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Ghana Rugby Football President praises sponsors ahead of three Nation Rugby competition

The President of the Ghana Rugby Football Union Herbert Mensah has praised sponsors of Ghana Rugby competitions ahead of a three-nation West Africa rugby tournament for praise.

The tournament between Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast will take place at the Nduom Stadium in Elmina, Central Region.

This is part of a new rugby game format spearheaded by World Rugby.

Quoting the President:

”You’ve heard me say it many many times that sport is big business. And we indulge in a game of rugby that requires massive amounts of money invested for development, for training, for medicare, for feeding and nutrition, for branding, for our very presence.”

”We at Ghana Rugby, even without state support, have managed to maintain a reasonably special relationship with sponsors. It is something we’ve cultivated over the period”.

Mensah pointed out that the importance of competitions is that it attracts sponsorship to the game and the need for constant competitions for Ghana Rugby to be able to aspire to participate in international rugby tournaments and Olympic Games.

”Without competition, rugby in Ghana or anywhere cannot attract sponsorships to sustain the World Rugby standards of the game”.

He named the Pan African Equipment Group, Interplast, GB brand of Gino food products, Sunda International and KEDA Ceramics as well as Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, owner of the Nduom private sports stadium who all make it possible through their various sponsorship packages for Ghana rugby to participate in these tournaments and aspire to the Olympics.

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The Ghana Rugby President encouraged other private companies in Ghana to join the sponsoring group to develop the Game of Rugby in Ghana.

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