Green Tea Reduces Blood Sugar in Diabetics- Expert

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green tea

Green Tea has been said to have great health benefits and components that reduce blood glucose in diabetics, according to Nigerian Nutritionist and Biochemist, Dr. Ochuko Erikainure.
Erukainure, who is a Senior Research Officer at the Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO), Oshodi, made this known on Wednesday in Lagos.
According to him, the catechins present in green tea has been reported to be epicatechin (EC), epicatechin gallate (ECG) and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), with EGCG being therchepicatechine and predominant.
“These catechins synergetically bring about those health benefits associated with consumption of green tea.
“Their potency in the mopping of free radicals make them strong antioxidants.
“Green tea has been reported to bring in the reduction of blood glucose in diabetics.
“This they do by increasing the antioxidant capacity of the pancreatic tissues, increasing the secretion of insulin by the beta cells and promoting muscle glucose uptake,’’ he said.
Erukainure also said that the tea is anti-cancerogenic, which are substances that counteract the effects of a carcinogen or inhibit the development of cancer.
“This they bring about by arresting DNA fragmentation, telomerase activity, cell cycle progression and promotion of cancer apoptosis.
“Unlike black tea, green tea consumption has also been correlated with reduced cardiovascular diseases.

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“They also possess potent anti-inflammatory activity, which involves the progression of most diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and neuropathology.
Its ability to increase HDL-cholesterol makes them a good choice in maintaining good cholesterol levels, as well as protect against cardiovascular diseases,’’ he said.

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