I Feel Beautiful When I Help a Young Girl Discover Her Beauty – Lisa Visagie

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Lisa Visagie is a 21-year-old South African stunning beauty of a model who overcame her struggle to be a size 2 model by embracing her curves. Now she’s spreading the word: “Healthy is The New Skinny!”
The model who keeps her skin flawless by applying Bio Oil at night says it helps even out her skin tone, and keeps her skin looking radiant and healthy.
The curvy style icon of Lisa is Jennifer Lopez, whom she says is the “epitome of a beautiful curvy woman.”
For inspiration, Lisa says she doesn’t have a petite figure so “I check out LookBook mostly to get inspired as to what is trendy at the moment and what can fit my body type.”
Of what beauty means to her, Lisa says she tries to see beauty in everyone.
“When I do a photo shoot it’s my job to be beautiful but when I help a young girl discover that she really is beautiful in her own way, I truly feel beautiful.”
Like one who is focused on where she is going, Lisa leaves no stone unturned in her job, saying, “It sounds a little silly but I always practice posing in my bathroom mirror.”I have been on a new workout routine doing a lot of squats and dead-lifts. I want to keep my curves, but stay in shape.”
Perhaps having learnt the fact that every industry has its good and bad side, Lisa gives a piece of advise for young and upcoming models, but of course one that speaks virtually to anyone.
“Stay confident in yourself and never let the industry destroy your self-esteem!”

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