Interswitch graduates sixteen interns

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Interswitch graduates sixteen interns

The Interswitch Developer Academy in Lagos has graduated sixteen interns selected from various tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

This development was part of its commitment to promote the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the country. Hence, Interswitch recruited a number of software engineers to participate in the six-month internship program. The training was held at the company’s headquarters.

According to a statement by Interswitch, the vision draws inspiration from the revival that the country has witnessed in its entertainment sector. Also, this has witnessed a great boom in recent years, owing to the enterprising spirit of Nigerians. Consequently, there has been very little dependence on government intervention.

The company noted that the first three months in the academy took place in a classroom where the interns learned the theoretical application of software engineering and gained hands-on work experience in engineering and software development.

The six-month intensive training was focused on teaching the graduates basic engineering theories, as well as real-life applications.

The statement also added that part of the interns would be retained as the company’s members of staff, while others would be prepped to join the wider Nigeria workforce.

Interswitch’s Chief Information Officer, Babafemi Ogungbamila, spoke at the brief ceremony that heralded the conclusion of their training. He noted that it was an amazing experience with the interns. Furthermore, he added that their commitment, determination, and readiness to learn eventually paid off.

Quoting Ogungbamila:

“It is amazing seeing young people show passion for STEM.  We had about 16 graduates interested in software engineering and coding. Today, STEM is the way forward. During their short time with us, I saw people ready to change the narrative. These are the next generation of problem solvers in our society. I hope these six months will positively affect their future and career pursuits”.

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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