January 3 in History

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January 3 1870 – Brooklyn Bridge: On this day, construction of the Brooklyn bridge began. The Brooklyn Bridge in the US is one of he oldest suspension bridges. It connects the boroughs of Brooklyn through the East River to Manhattan.
January 3 1924 – Pharaoh’s Mummy Found: A worthy treasure was discovered close to Luxor, Egypt. This was the same area where King Tut’s tomb was located just two years before then. This precious object was a stone sarcophagus, and it contained a mummy inside of the late Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

January 3 1925 – Benito Mussolini: SequJanuary el to his election as the ruler of Italy in 1922; Benito Mussolini who was the leader of the Italian National Fascist Party, made a public declaration of his intention to take dictatorial powers over Italy. This happened three years after his election (1925) and thus ended elections at the time

January 3 1926 – Pontiac was Officially Launched: On this day, General Motors introduced a new car – Pontiac – to the market. Different models of this car remain popular even till today

January 3 1938 – March of Dimes Foundation was founded: Erstwhile American president, Franklin D Roosevelt founded the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. The name of the organization was later changed to the March of Dimes Foundation and the organization was founded on the ground that Frank Roosevelt himself was a victim of polio.

January 3 1946 – Lord Haw Haw Was Hung For Committing Treason: Lord Haw Haw, whose original name was William Joyce, was hung in Britain for committing treason. He had leaked the propaganda of the Nazi when he told the British and American army to surrender while they repeated the words “German calling” three times at the beginning of their broadcast.

January 3 1959 Alaska State Was Found: On that glorious day, Alaska became one of the states of the United States of America. Alaska was the 49th state and on that day, a new flag of the US was waved in the air. The flag contained thirteen (13) stripes and thirty nine (39) stars.

January 3 1961 – USA Cuba Relationship Worsened: The not so cordial relationship what existed between the US and Cuba became colder and President Dwight Eisenhower closed the United States Embassy at Havana, Cuba. With this, there was a cease in public relations between the two countries. The sole reason for this was because the United States wanted to emphasize its stand against the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. The US government was worried about Castro extending his communist movement to the western countries like the USA, Canada and others. The relationship between both countries had started to deteriorate right from when Castro assumed office as Cuban leader.
January 3 1962 – Excommunication of Cuban Prime Minister: The then Cuban Prime Minister was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Alongside him, some other officials of Cuba’s communist movement were also excommunicated. The leader was evicted for committing some egregious infractions of the Roman Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law.

January 3 1965 – Vietnam War: On this notable day, thousands of anti-government protesters clashed with the government marines and police in Saigon. The clash was as a result of concerns over the fact that the influence wielded by the American government in South Vietnam was becoming unnecessarily too much.
January 3 1967 – Jack Ruby Dies: Jack Ruby – the man who allegedly killed John F Kennedy – died in Parkland hospital, Dallas, Texas. It was in this same hospital that John F Kennedy and Oswald had been pronounced dead. Jack Ruby was said to have died of cancer which by then had spread to his lymph glands, lungs and to his pancreas. Even while on his death bed, he denied having had anything to do with the JFK conspiracy. It was reported however that Jack Ruby allegedly ”silenced” Oswald Chamber in order to prevent him from saying anything to anyone.

January 3 1969 – John Lennon album Two Virgins: John Lennon released a new album he named “Two Virgins”. On the album, he featured Yoko Ono and the albums were confiscated at Newark Airport. The albums were not allowed to be sold in the US because it was considered to have pornographic content. On that day, officers closed down a Chicago record store because it displayed the album

January 3 1977 – Apple Computer Incorporated: About six months after Apple had begun selling its Apple i personal computer kit, the company became incorporated. The innovation which was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold for $666.66 per kit

January 3 1999 – U.S Midwest Blizzards: A very terrible blizzard occurred in the Midwestern United States. After suffering from the heavy wind and snow, citizens had to dig themselves out of the storm. The death toll was estimated at about 100 lives after the storm had lasted for three days.

January 3 2008 – Oil Breaks the $100 Per Barrel Mark: After a few months of oil prices approaching and staying close to $100 per barrel, the price finally broke the barrier and has since gone way beyond until its prices crashed in recent years.

January 3 2014 – President Obama Proposes Gun Control: American President Barrack Obama sought measures towards better gun control for those who had some form of mental illness. The measures sought to clarify some rules and were expected to limit the access that people with mental illness had to firearms.

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