January 4 in History

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January 4 1865 – New York Stock Exchange: This was the day the New York Stock Exchange opened its pioneer permanent headquarters. It was at 10-12 Broad, New York. It was located close to Wall Street. Before then, it used rented apartments at Wall Street. Sequel to the occurrence of the Great Fire of New York that destroyed the apartments, it had to move to its permanent site. Later in 1920 however, it had course to move back to Wall Street.
January 3 1923 – Rosewood Massacre By KKK: The Ku Klux Klan made a surprise attack in the area of white residence at Rosewood. This attack left eight people dead. Days later, white mobs retaliated and killed African Americans. The white mobs also burned several buildings including a black church in Rosewood. In retaliation, the all-black area of Rosewood which comprised about a hundred and twenty (120) people, was burned down.
January 4 1948 – Burma Gains Independence: Burma got its independence from the British. Burma has previously been given independence by Japan five years earlier as Japan used to have partial control over it. Over time, Burma has seen a couple of changes – one of the most significant ones being its name change in 1989. Prior to this time, Burma was referred to as the Union of Myanmar.

January 4 1948 – Wailing Wall: The Jews and Arabs sought control over the Wailing Wall. It is said to be one of the most holy shrines in the whole of the city. News had it that the battle was originated by the Jews when they tossed grenades against the Arabs (two weeks before then, the Arabs had taken control of the wall). By coincidence – as was predicted long, long ago – this was the same year (1948) that Israel became a nation.
January 4 1948 – Pakistan Train Crash: At an area called Sangi in Pakistan, a train collision occurred. A train named the Zakara which covered between Multan and Karachi was sent down an alternative track during an overnight trip. Incidentally, a 67-car freight train was parked on this track and this was unknown to the Zakara operators. About 200 to 300 lives were lost when the Zakara crashed into the parked freight.
January 4 1954 – Elvis Presley Records First Demo: At the Sun Records Memphis Recording Service in Nashville, Elvis Presley recorded a demo which lasted up to ten (10) minutes. Earlier in 1953, he had recorded those same songs as a gift to his mother. Sam Phillips who presided over the Sun Records arranged an audition for Elvis Presley on June 26, 1954.

January 4 1955 – USA Hydrogen Bomb: For over a year prior to this day, America experimented hydrogen bombs in the Pacific. On this day in 1955, America paid the sum of two million dollars ($2,000,000) for the loss of lives and property that took place as a result of their experiments. Back in 1954, a fisherman and many other people had been killed and wounded. Fishes around the region were also contaminated.

January 4 1958 – Sir Edmund Hillary: The first man to reach the top of Mount Everest – Sir Edmund Hillary – reached the South Pole.

January 4 1966 – Ronald Reagan: Ronald Reagan publicly declared his intention to contest the seat of the Governor of California under the auspices of the Republicans. Prior to this time, he was an actor and he later went on to become president of America.

January 4 1974 – Watergate: On this day, Richard Nixon was sent a subpoena, asking him to show tapes which were going to serve as evidence regarding the burglary of the national headquarters of the Democrats at Watergate complex. Hundreds of tapes and written documents were sought as evidence on the case.
January 4 2007 – Nancy Pelosi Elected As Speaker: For the first time in the history of America, Nancy Pelosi – a female – was elected speaker of the congress.

January 4 2010 – World’s Tallest Building: The Burj Khalifa located in Dubai – with a whopping 2,716ft and 160 floors – became the tallest building in the world while surpassing the Taipei 101 in Taiwan – which was only 1,666ft high.

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