Joshua Beckford; An Autist, Is The World’s Most Brilliant Boy

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Joshua Beckford

From ages past, we’ve had many occurrences of autists who made significant impacts on their generation and generations that followed. One of such persons with autist characteristics and has stood out as a person of significance in this generation is Joshua Beckford.

Joshua Beckford has been said to be one of the most intelligent boys in the world today. He has also been listed as one of the best brains in Britain. He has even been ranked as one of the 30 autists who made the most significant impacts on society. At the age of 6, Joshua attended Oxford University and even performed some complex surgeries on a Surgery Simulator.

All through his life, Joshua was never an average child. By the time he attained the age of two, he had mastered how to read fluently. And by the time he was three, he had begun to speak Japanese. At age six, Joshua Beckford studied philosophy and History at the renowned University of Oxford in England. The fact that he remains the youngest person to study these isn’t as surprising at the fact that he had a distinction in these two subjects.

Joshua Beckford

At some point, his father decided to put his son to test. So in 2011, his father wrote to the university to ask whether Joshua could enroll for a course in philosophy. The course was designed for intelligent children from ages eight to thirteen. The school agreed and Joshua was admitted, which made him the youngest student that was ever accepted by the school. To sheer surprise, Joshua passed the course with distinction.

It comes with little surprise that Joshua excels at Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages, History, and other subjects. He aspires to be a neurosurgeon and already, he has started to practice the procedures of appendectomy and how to remove gall bladders.

According to Joshua, he said he had always spent time on his dad’s laptop since he was four years old. He explained how it had a body simulator where he would pull out organs. He also expressed his aspirations of saving the earth. Furthermore, he said he would like to change the world and change people’s perspective about the earth.

Joshua Beckford

As was the case, the case of Joshua’s intellect was way beyond that of a normal child. Hence, he was too exceptional for the normal school curriculum. Therefore, he had to be schooled from home. All along, he has had a keen interest in studying and writing about Egypt. And currently, he is writing a book about the historic black nation of Egypt.

Joshua Beckford spends most of his time studying and trying to get himself to achieve more. He also represents the National Autistic Society’s Black and Minority campaign. The fact that Joshua is an autist has made it easy for him to become the face of the campaign. He helps to relay the campaign’s aim of iterating the challenges that blacks face in trying to get support and aid for people living with autism.

Recently, Joshua Beckford Listed among Top 30 Most Remarkable People with Who Have Impacted Society.

He has been made a representative of Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN), Low Income Families Education (L.I.F.E), Support Ambassador for Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and the United Kingdom [UK]. BMAN Low Income Families Education (LIFE) Support was set up to avail educational opportunities for those children from poor backgrounds, to give them a chance at contributing positively toward the success of their society.

Joshua Beckford expressed how pleased and opportune he felt to be a part of the BMAN LIFE project. He said he was willing to help inspire children in Africa and make them see the need for education. He said this was needed to create a bright future for Africa in the nearest future.

In 2017, at the National Diversity Awards, he was given the Positive Role model award. The organizers of the award try to identify local individuals and communities that put in efforts to seek solutions to problems faced by society. The goal of the award is to recognize these people and appreciate them.

Later this year, Joshua Beckford – alongside his father – will facilitate and be part of a mentoring session with some other parents at the Father And Son Together [FAST] initiative program.  The FAST event will take place in Nigeria, come August 2019.

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