London Breed Elected First San Francisco African-American Female Mayor

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The African-American community was thrown in joy this week with the election of London Breed as the Mayor of San Francisco. She would be the first black American woman ever elected to the esteemed office. She defeated former California State senator Mark Leno with a lead of 1,861 vote lead over Leno.

Leno who would have been the first openly gay mayor of San Francisco, in a news conference disclosed he called and congratulated Breed on her victory.

“I called Supervisor London Breed this morning to congratulate her and to wish her every success both personally and professionally in her new job as mayor of San Francisco.”

Breed has wasted no time in sharing plans on what she wants to do as mayor.


“As mayor, I will create more housing and help those struggling with homelessness, drug addiction, and mental illness get the support and services they need.”

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Born and raised in San Francisco, Breed grew up in public housing in the district she now represents. She was first elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2012 and was named its president in 2015.

Breed brought 10 young girls with her to the city Department of Elections in January this year, to watch her fill out the paperwork that would officially launch her bid for San Francisco’s top job, in a bid to inspire them to see beyond limits at what they too could achieve.

“I wanted these young ladies to know that if I can be mayor, they can be mayor, too,” Breed said.

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