MS Bodega continues her quest of breaking barriers with the release of “Shoko”

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MS Bodega continues her quest of breaking barriers with the release of Shoko

“I will break barriers with my music in Nigeria” was the anthem of Ms. Bodega in 2017 in an interview. As it seems the songwriter has resumed her journey of breaking more barries with the release of “Shoko”.

The Israeli-American born musician and afrobeat artiste in her new project, illustrate her undying passion for African music as she went all out to feature four African popular stars on her new song, Shoko.

The singer, who simply likes being called Ms. Bodega, both on and off stage, further revealed that she intends to use her songs to break barriers, adding that it has been on her wish-list for a long time to penetrate the industry with her Afro-pop music, a genre not given attention where she is coming from.

Ever since starting this movement, the radio host and entrepreneur has worked with international stars on some album and music lovers have commended her works. As part of her quest to keep breaking grounds in the African market, Ms.Bodega featured Nigeria’s rap king, CDQ, Congo and London’s music star, BM, Fanicko from the Benin Republic and Nigeria’s Toby Grey.

Each of the artists brings their style and fire on their energetic verses to make the perfect dance experience in different dialects languages. They expressed optimism on the success of the new song and encourage their fans across the African nations and beyond to accept the song.

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Ms.Bodega, who is not a stranger to breaking new barriers and taking wowing steps, disclosed that the need to connect and explore people through music has been the key driving factor for her music voyage to various countries around the world, where she has cemented herself as, not just a musician, but also as a writer, music producer, performer and record label owner of Bodega World Music.

According to Ms. Bodega, the video of Shoko is already in the progress and will be released soon. 

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