Sierra Leone beats Ghana to win the 2019 Jollof competition in Washington DC

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Sierra Leone beats Ghana to win the 2019 Jollof competition in Washington DC

Jollof rice fondly called by some West African countries is a popular dish which needs no epistle, as the food is celebrated for its salivating taste. Also called Benachin, is a type of dish consumed in regions such as Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Togo, Liberia, Mali, Ivory Coast and Cameroon among few. In West Africa, it’s a favorite dish at ceremonies such as birthday, weddings and graduations.

Before the competition debuted, there have been constant debates between Ghanaians and Nigerians over which country served the best Jollof and who owns the origin. Both countries became most vigorous Jollof rivalries as to which country’s dish taste best. 

This, however, birth the Jollof Festival in Washington DC for famous critics from all over the world to taste, examine the differences, and give their overall judgments on either form of the dish.

Howbeit, Sierra Leone has emerged the winner of the 2019 Jollof Competition held in Washington, District of Columbia (DC).

It appears that Sierra Leone who beat off stiff competition from neighboring nations Liberia, Nigeria and Ghana will be the source for the best version of the dish till the next competition. 

Ghana only manages to clinch the fourth position, behind Liberia and Nigeria who emerged second and third, respectively.

Carol Mabinty Khanu, a 26-year-old chef represented Sierra Leone in the Jollof Competition. 

The competition which took place on the 6th of July was hosted at the Pupils Heart at the College of the District of Columbia (UDC).

The event was organized by Afrooilitan Insights, which is established by Ishmael Osekre.

“We are superbly joyful for Carol and we wish her and all other winners and individuals all the best on their journeys, they all painstakingly contributed to the accomplishments of the tale that this festival has developed into given that we started in 2017, “ Mr. Osekre said. 

The inaugural Jollof competition was held in Washington DC back in 2017 and was eventually won by Nigeria.

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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