Retired nurse gives back to her community

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A retired nurse has used her pension to open a clinic in Atlantis. She did this to help her community with affordable medical care.

A passionate mother of two, Olivia Pharo, who retired from her nursing job at the Wesfleur Hospital, South Africa, gave back to her community using her retirement fund.

After 24-years of service in her nursing career, the 49-year-old is supposed to be enjoying her retirement fund. Rather, she opened a clinic in Atlantis, over 50 kilometers outside Cape Town.

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According to information gathered, it was noted that the medical facility was named Sister Pharo’s Clinic. It had the sole aim of providing affordable care to the community.

In a statement released by Pharo, she said, “it has always been my ambition to offer a one-stop service that speaks to the needs of the whole community from Atlantis and it’s environ”.

The clinic will offer services that include consultations, minor trauma, child healthcare, occupational health services. It will also cater for women’s health and will have ‘dial-a-nurse for frail care patients’.

Pharo said she resigned as an assistant manager at Wesfleur because she no longer wanted to work under those conditions. She claimed that that position wasn’t her calling, but nursing.

She added that part of her ambition was to establish a medical facility that will offer comprehensive quality and affordable healthcare service.

Ever since the announcement was made, it has drawn attention citizens. An investor who was moved by her inspirational story has offered assistance for the sustenance and maintenance of the clinic.

Her kind gesture towards the community has sparked numerous comments from South Africans.

Diane Seale commented: “WOW! What a wonderful being, so passionate about the quality care of her community. You are the Chosen One, courageous and compassionate, truly one of a kind. Many blessings going forward, so proud of you.”

Bradley Arendse said: “Amazing! Atlantis applauds you and daughter of the soil. She is selfless, not self-serving human.”

Nadinè-Na’eema Botha-van Rheede wrote: “Wow! I am so proud of you. When God shows up he shows up! You are the daughter of the King!!!!”

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