Social networking application, Junxion hosts its second networking event in Cape town

Social networking application, Junxion hosts its second networking event in Cape town

A Social networking application, Junxion has organized the second event of its series of networking events in Cape Town. 

The event was hosted by the social media networking platform alongside African News Agency, Independent Online and Fast Company at popular city venue Souk in Long Street.

The event was aimed at a special focus on Fast CompanySA on it’s brand and media properties, as well as offering innovative brand and Cape Town-based Outsourced CFO a chance to share its story and services.

Speaking at the event, Kyle Villet from Fast Company explained to the guests that the company had a special focus on building a community that favours entrepreneurship and supported the entrepreneurship journey.

“I was fortunate that I had to be part of the team that joined Fast Company when we launched Fast Company here in South Africa in 2015. When we launched, everybody was like, ‘you guys are crazy, it’s 2015 and why you guys are not digital because print is dead’”.

“Three and a half years down the line, I think we have built an amazing community, a community that engages, focuses on tech, and focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship and supporting the entrepreneurship journey.

“We embarked on the journey with the entire group of bringing this together. We want young entrepreneurs and innovators to be able to strive and this is a platform that we feel is going to work.

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Villet pointed out that the Company magazine talks about entrepreneurship, disruption, and innovation and stressed that it is where the communities start creating a path for o do well.

 He noted that eight editions are produced in a year