South Africa, Kenya, Lead Esport Industry in Africa

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A Masai Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchii aka Kilimanjaro giraffe) and her calf in Nairobi National Park with the city in the background.
The Esport Industry is a billion dollar global industry with prominence in Europe but Kenya and South Africa are going the extra mile in championing the acceptance and recognition of the industry in the continent.

Esport also known as Electronic Sports or e-sports is an online video gaming competition that usually involves multiplayer or single player with professionals and amateurs. 

This video gaming competition is modelled after traditional sports in the form of leagues and tournaments with participation from registered players.

Now, Africa is beginning to make incursion into the industry and Kenyan duo of Sylvia Gathoni, and Brian Diang’a as well as South Africa’s Thabo Moloi  are taking the front seat in the continent. 

Kenya’s Sylvia Gathoni, who goes by the game name “Queen Arrow” is a part of the small population of female players who specialise in the Tekken video game. 

Since her debut in 2018, she has grown from an amateur to a pro gamer and ranks higher amongst the best in Kenya. Her skills and consistency have earned her global sponsorship, making her the first woman in East Africa to achieve such a feat.

Brian Diang’a is also another of Kenya’s exports to esport video gaming industry. 

His story is that of humble beginnings and passion for video games from childhood. He now helps to promote the industry in his locale and country by organising competitions. He goes by the game name “The Beast” in the Mortal Kombat action/adventure game as his preferred name.

Coming down south of the continent is 18 year – old Thabo “Yvng Savage” Moloi who is ranked 73rd in the world. He is also on record to be the first player from Africa that is sponsored by Red Bull: a sponsorship deal that occurred this year.

The exploits of these African representatives in the video gaming industry will further engender its acceptance in the continent by organising local tournaments and leagues.

According to reports, the Esport earning potential in 2019 stood at a staggering $1 billion and Africa’s participation and gaming industry is expected to grow at a rate of 12% in the next five years.

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