Success is not achieved overnight, it is a journey – International Broadcaster, Obahor

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Evelyn Obahor is an international Broadcaster and business woman who began her career at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in Benin. Her Television Show, Justeve is a popular television show with broadcast in the UK, America, Canada and Africa.

Prior to that, she has had an illustrious broadcasting career where she has been involved in different spectrum of Television and Film Production as a Scriptwriter, Producer, Director, Voice-over and TV Host.

In this interview with Africhroyale, she tells us about the inspiration behind her talk show, career and a whole lot more.

What was growing up like for you

Evelyn is your regular girl next door trying to make a living like everyone else. I was born in a small town called Croydon in the UK some many years ago but I amfrom Delta State with my Father, Urhobo and my Mother, Iteskiri. So, I am a full-fledged Deltan. Growing up was not really fun for me. I became quite into myself because of the things that I saw around me. I would lock myself in my room and just write. I would dream of being a very important person where I would be in control on my own life.

Can you take us through your broadcast journey in Nigeria?

I started my career in Benin City as a continuity announcer at NTA Benin before I moved to Lagos to work at Mainframe Production owned by Tunde Kelani. I had worked with him previously in Jos on an international production. I was a Production Assistant. Thereafter, I moved to DBN Production and Marketing Company. I was still there when it became a TV Station (First Private Station in Lagos). I was a Production Executive before I rose to become Manager Programmes before I left.

I oversaw the production of many programmes which included Lunch Date, AM TV, Family and Friends, Weekend Breakfast Show and so many more.

How would you describe your Talk Show (Just Eve) to a prospective fan?

The Just Eve show where I talk to inspirational personalities and celebrities who take me through their lives Journey, how they started off through the struggles of life and how they got to where they are now, all in a bid to inspire people. We have had some really really touching stories. We do a lot of crying on the show.

What inspired the creation of the program?

I guess it was from my own story of life. It was quite rough and I wanted the viewer to know that, when you see a successful person, it has not  been an overnight success. It is  a journey.

With your years of experience in the arts industry, how will you define creativity?

Creativity means different things to different people. To me, it would mean creating something out of nothing that would be entertaining, educative and informative. It should be fun and must be able to hold an audience from the first five minutes. You know something that one has not done before, thinking outside the box.

How would you compare Broadcasting in Nigeria and the UK?
Hmmmmm….I think the main thing would be that everything is structured. There is someone to handle every level of production unlike Nigeria where one person is everything in the process. But I believe that is  changing a great deal. I like how it is  done in Nigeria because if anything goes wrong, we can handle it.

What does Evelyn do in her free time

I watch Movies. If you lock me in a room with movies, ice cream and popcorn; throw away the key, I will not  complain. Guess that’s how I got .

What were the challenges you encountered during  your Talk show and your online TV Channel, Floodlight Broadcasting Network?

The major one would be funding and I am sure everyone who has gone into any venture would say the same. Gathering an audience would be another. There is so much out there that people can watch. Getting them to stick with you could be a challenge. But we just have to keep going.

What was the motivation behind your perfume line, JustEve London?

I have always loved fragrances. I discovered that many perfumes do not  last more than 12 hours. So, I wanted to create a fragrance that would last 24 hours on all skin types.

There is this aura of class and elegance around you. What does style and fashion mean to you?

Style and Fashion should be individual to the person. Because something looks good on one person does not mean it would look good on you. I wear what I am comfortable in and hardly follow the trend. Instead, I try to set the trend. Class is something you cannot buy. You either have it or you do not. You can wear all the designers in the world but you may not know how to carry it. My mother like I said is Iteskiri. They know how to carry what they wear, even if they do not have any money in their pockets. Lol!

What is your advice for aspiring broadcasters?

Be yourself. That is  the most important of all. Be yourself. Do not copy anyone else. Work very hard, listen, research, and be consistent. Never give up. It is a tough business. You must want to do this job. The glamour is only 10% but work is 90% and that is  a lot.

Who or what had a significant influence in your life?

I remember in secondary school I was directing a play and James Iroha (Giringory) was sitting at the back of the hall. He called me and told me that he did not want to hear that I took any other path apart from this. But to be honest, right from the time I could think, I knew that I was going to be in the creatives.

How do you balance work and family obligations?

I am cool with it. My son is an old man now (lol). So I do not have that challenge but God has been very good to me over the years looking after my son while I work.

What is your philosophy of life?

Never say you cannot. How do you know you can not when you have not even tried and you have not tried till you have succeeded?

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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