Realness Institute announces partnership with Netflix Africa

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The African Filmmaking Organisation, Realness Institute and Netflix have teamed up to create an episodic content development lab for African writers.

The two heavyweights, with interest in African content, have joined forces to establish a platform for Television and Film writers in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

Consequently, the Film and Television industry in Africa is about to take a new turn for the better as writers in the selected countries now have the opportunity to showcase their storytelling skills.

A total of six entries would make the final list after entry submission begins on November 30.

The selected writers will also be paid a monthly allowance of $2,500 for their participation which would last for a period of three months from June 2021.

The selected six would be developed by the Lab and ultimately commissioned by Netflix for production.

The partnership is to maximise the strength of both organisations in achieving this objective.

Realness comes with its mission to discover the abundance of stories while Netflix offers its technical know-how in transforming written content into series production.

The alignment of objective and mutual interest shared was confirmed by representatives of both partners.

According to the Creative Director of Realness, Elias Ribeiro,, “We all share a love for storytelling and Netflix’s writer-centric approach is very much in line with our ethos”. Similarly, Dorothy Ghettuba who is Netflix’s head of African Original Series in Africa said that , “Partnership with organisations like Realness will help us achieve our goal of investing in writers who will bring diverse genres of authentic, local stories that catering to for every mood and will ensure our members see their lives reflected on screen.”

With films like The Wound, Rafiki and Akasha, Realness, since 2016, have been able to launch 20 film projects across the continent while Netflix revel in successful production of itsfirst two African Original series, Queen Sono and Blood and Water.

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