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The name Kunta Kinte would surely tingle many ears. Kinte is a famous  young man born in 1750 and forced into slavery. The roots of the brave and reb [...]
On March 15th, the Senate house in Maryland passed a unanimous bill to provide $580 million to the state’s four historically Black colleges and unive [...]
The Head of First World War and Early 20th century conflicts at the Imperial War Museums in London, Alan Wakefield posits that “African soldiers were [...]
Several accounts of history on the life of Charles Darwin were foretold. Some of the several  theories he developed are still relevant today. But lit [...]
One of the blessed tribes in Nigeria is the Igbo tribe, situated in the South-Eastern geo-political zone of Nigeria. They have respect, love, and aff [...]
The Nigerian movie scene is under critical watch, following Netflix’s acquisition of  Lionheart, a movie by Nigerian actress and first-time director, [...]
Kenya is set to host the Indian Film Festival for the first time this year to celebrate India's 72nd Independence Day. The festival starting from 10t [...]
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