“The Most Difficult is not Where We Come From, But Where We Want and Dream to Go” – Paul Kegame

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Rwanda’s Paul Kagame recently gave an inspiring speech on the country’s airwaves , inspiring thousands of Rwandans in the march towards a peaceful and progressive country after the ugly experience of hatred and the resulting genocide which claimed uncountable lives.
Excerpt; Paul Kagamé on radio Rwanda:
‘Soon We’ll Have the Best Universities in the World With Us’
“If our country ranks first in Africa, and the whole world is watching us today, it is not because we have the Vatican, the Kabba, the White House, the Elysee or the Taj Mahal here at home.
Not because you have a certain Paul Kagame as head of state, but rather because you have sons and daughters of Rwanda in this country.
Men and especially young people and Rwandan women who have forgiven each other, and who have taken the destiny of their country in hand by the sense of work, innovation and patriotism as the key to their progress and their development . What we are doing here in Rwanda is not a miracle, nor is it impossible elsewhere, it is simply the commitment of an entire nation, especially Rwandan youth and women, but also political will.
Soon, we will have the best universities in the world at home (NYU, Hardvard, London School of Economics, FIT …) We will also have the best hospitals in Rwanda. The intelligence and competence of our children will be equal to or greater than that of the great powers, and our country Rwanda will be a new door of opportunity, knowledge, technology and innovation for all African children and the world who want to learn from us or still give us their knowledge.
Rwanda will not only be at the rendezvous of civilizations, but also of science and technology and all the cultures that will dominate the world.
Today, more than 40% of our agriculture is being dominated by technology, Africa as a whole can do better than us for essential food self-sufficiency, it is all about national interest and the African people.
Although we are now far from our past, let us make good use of the present to hit the future. Because, the most difficult is no longer where we come from, but rather the where we want and dream to go. In Rwanda, we desire and dream to go far thanks to this people and to this now conscious youth ”

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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