Young Ghanaian innovator sets to inspire youth at the Africa code week

Young Ghanaian innovator sets to inspire youth at the Africa code week

Africa code week: UNESCO, SAP as well as over 130 partners from the public, private and non-profit sectors are currently gearing up to introduce coding skills to 1.5 million youth across 37 countries in October 2019. 

However, organizers of the Africa Code Week have revealed Mustapha Diyaol Haqq, a Ghanaian as this year’s youth ambassador for the event.

According to the Africa Code Week Global Lead at SAP, Claire Gillissen-Duval, this 2019 edition will feature a strong focus on empowering girls and building teaching capacity at the community level.

Quoting her:

“We are extremely proud and honored to welcome Mustapha as our Youth Ambassador for ACW 2019. He overcame major challenges and his amazing journey has the power to inspire many. As a young innovator and change-maker, his mentorship and guidance will be crucial as we strive to empower an entire generation and strengthen teaching capacity in ICT education among African communities.” 

The Africa Code Week will take place in October across 37 countries. 

It is an event spearheaded in 2015 by SAP’s EMEA Corporate Social Responsibility department as part of its social investments to drive sustainable growth in Africa.

The event instills digital literacy and coding skills in the young generation, to drive sustainable learning impact across the continent.

The youth ambassador is a 19-year-old from Kumasi in Southern Ghana, who realized he could deliver innovation where it was most needed, starting with his very home town.

Despite being self-taught, the young innovator was able to develop a potentially life-saving solution for women across the continent.

Quoting him

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 “I used my knowledge of coding and machine learning to develop a model for diagnosing breast cancer, which I hope to release freely to communities across Africa”.