Asa Drops New Album After Five-Years – The Beginning

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The Beginning

The much-awaited album from Asa has been released. The phenomenal France-based Nigerian artiste, Asa, has dropped a new single titled – The Beginning. Interestingly, within 15 minutes of its release, thousands of fans watched and were delighted, saying “it’s worth the wait”.

Last weekend, Asa tipped her fans on her Instagram page through a shared snippet of her next album release date. “’The Beginning’, however, becomes her first after five-years of waiting”, according to a fan.

What caused the prolific writer’s absence from music scene in the last five years is still unknown. Howbeit, some fans have come to her rescue. Some said, “It takes a lot of hard work to put a piece that will be meaningful together”. Asa is referred to by her fans as an “Art Personified”.

The 34-year-old tweeted, “Here is to you, ‘The Beginning’ for me a reset a rebirth. I hope you would love it as much as I do. Thank you all for your love and patience”. She then dropped the YouTube link of the video.

Bed of Stones’ was the last album released by the pure art singer in 2014. It had hit tracks like ‘Eyo’; ‘Satan Be Gone’; ‘Dead Again’; ‘Moving On’; and ‘The One That Never Comes’.

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With this early trend of 15 thousand views, it’s noteworthy to say ‘The Beginning’ would make waves on the internet. With lots of fans already left in anticipation during the weekend, majority would be delighted to feel the rhythm of the song.

Be it as it may, none of Asa’s songs has been listed on the Top 10 most viewed Nigerian songs on YouTube. Nevertheless, this is another best piece from Asa; a work that took five years before finally released to the world. Hopes are that it would be among the most viewed Nigerian songs on YouTube.

The new single ‘The Beginning’ is the Opening track in the album. The song has received positive comments since its release.

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