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Before the discovery of artifacts, a proof on existence of an organized monarchical government in ancient Nubia in Africa, has ascribed their civiliz [...]
The world’s most influential and popular religions were inspired by ancient spiritual practice of the indigenous people. A critical examination of th [...]
The black race has been stereotyped for various stuff both positive and negative; for their bravery in seeking their freedom, despite being aware of [...]
Safia Elhillo is a Sudanese-American poet known for her written and spoken poetry, born December 16, 1990.  Her poems have appeared in many publicati [...]
There are several stories about Africa and its contributions to humanity that historians have forgotten or presume not worth sharing.  In spite of Af [...]
Unforeseen circumstances are usually what they are; unforeseen, which meet people when they never expect. Many people today are walking with amputate [...]
Ghanaian artist and student at the Takoradi Technical University in Ghana, Lanto Kwame Azasime is also an entrepreneur who is helping to find solutio [...]
After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the continent fell into a state of decadence, despair, and disarray. The continent was ravaged by the bubonic [...]
West Africa suffered much cruelty in the hands of the Europeans, but never was a time more dreaded than the days of Paul Voulet and Julien Chanoine. [...]
When a South African surf company wanted to put African culture on the global surfing map, it knew it needed a distinct African symbol. It chose the [...]
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