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The family of Jamaica legend and reggae icon Robert Nesta Marley has put the Marley Resort and Spa, a luxury boutique resort and spa for sale, valued [...]
Ghanaian artist David Alabo has hit another milestone, as his afro-surrealist designs are featured on street-wear brand, Daily Paper’s Tarot Card Cap [...]
After spending three years behind bars at a California correctional facility, Ron Freeman became an entrepreneur and launched the first black-owned I [...]
Behind a chartreuse veil, stitched with pearls of the same color, a woman gazes at the camera. Her gele, a signifier of her Nigerian heritage, is art [...]
Anok Yai, born December 20, 1997 in Cairo, is an American model of Sudanese origin. She is the second black model to have opened a fashion show for P [...]
The prestigious DePauw University has announced the appointment of its first African American as its president,  Dr. Lori S. White, who would sit at [...]
During the era of the transatlantic slave trade, thousands of enslaved Igbos came directly to Virginia through shipping ports in Calabar and Bonny. A [...]
For the first time in the history of FedEx, it has appointed a female as its CEO. The foremost and largest delivery services company across the conti [...]
As the world gets more and more immersed in digital technology, engaging in social media has become equally essential to develop and cultivate an onl [...]
Born Frances Luella Cress in Chicago on March 18, 1935, Welsing was dubbed “the inspiration behind the fear of a black planet” for her continuous eff [...]
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