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   Chances are, one way or another the name Iya Adura, Esther Ajayi rings a bell, and the odds are 99 to 1 that the tones of the bell are sonorous. W [...]
Ed Izycs is a Talented jazz artist, music director and producer amongst others. He is also an internet sensation, a fast rising guitar player with ov [...]
For some, the war of the Golden Stool between the Ashanti people (present-day Ghana) and the British was just like every other war. This perception i [...]
Africans are blessed with a diverse group of people with different kingdoms. These kingdoms might have gone into extinction or out of radar, but one [...]
Several stories, tales, history and culture have been told about  nations. In reality, little time is accorded the discussion of black history. Many [...]
Nigerian elite comedian and compere, Gbenga Adeyinka has been busy mentoring youths through a platform carved for that initiative called 'laugh matte [...]
Dr. Kofi Smith is President & CEO of the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company. He joined the company when he was 35 years old as the youngest person [...]
Nine year Malaika from Uganda is an inspiration to her generation as she is busy making deodorants for children. What could have inspired her to wade [...]
For many reasons which lack ingenuity, many have abandoned their dreams to chase someone’s dreams. Success as simple as it is called wields great sac [...]
Nigeria's literary queen, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, has been named 'Woman of the Decade' Editor's Choice by ThisDay Newspaper in celebration of their [...]
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