Equatorial Guinea supports China with $2m to combat coronavirus

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The government of Equatorial Guinea has announced a charitable donation of $2 million to China over the rampaging coronavirus outbreak. The African nation extends its benevolent hand in a bid to help the government fight the deadly virus.

The decision to offer help was reached after a cabinet meeting held last week. The meeting chaired by President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo expressed its sympathy and support for the Chinese government.

Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons, Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima said about the gesture: “China has always been a very strong and loyal supporter to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and this donation is a demonstration that Equatorial Guinea stands in solidarity with China and its people as it continues to fight a global outbreak that has already cost too many lives.”

“Our ongoing Year of Investment Initiative will be a testimonial to the depth of our unity and relationship with China. It is a pleasure for Equatorial Guinea to support its partner in times of need,” he added.

An update from the World Health Organization indicates that the coronavirus as of last week had affected 24,363 people in China. Outside China, there are 191 cases in 24 countries and one casualty, in the Philippines. Of those, 31 cases are in people with no travel history to China but all are close contacts of a confirmed case of someone from Wuhan. Of all the reported cases, no information has been received from Africa on coronavirus, which indicates Africa is free from the deadly virus.

Like almost all other African countries, China has several investments across the oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, from the areas of public sector infrastructure, telecommunication, and technology, Beijing is a close partner of Malabo.

President Nguema joined his peers in the trip to China for the last Forum for China – Africa Cooperation, FOCAC, which was held in Beijing in 2018. He has also led delegations for bilateral visits to deepen ties.

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