Google announces new products and features for Nigeria, Africa 

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Google announces new products and features for Nigeria, Africa 

Google has announced new products and features that would be of more help to more people in Nigeria and across Africa. 

This announcement was made at the third Google for Nigeria event. It includes navigation instructions in a Nigerian voice for both motorcycle and car driving modes, new Street View imagery, Gallery Go, Google Go updates, Google Lens and Bolo, and a Nigerian culinary experience from Google Arts and Culture. 

Also, the company has partnered with the Nigerian Government to make an online safety curriculum available to all primary and secondary school students in the country, reaching an estimated 56 million Nigerian students every year.

As Google introduced a dedicated travel mode in Google Maps to provide directions and navigation for motorcycles in Nigeria, the features will also be available in Benin Republic, Ghana, Rwanda, Togo, and Uganda henceforth.

It was also revealed that the company will introduce a new directions experience for Lagos that is optimized for informal transit, bringing Danfo routes into Google Maps.

This made Google launch Gallery Go which is a fast and smart photo gallery designed for users who don’t have a reliable internet connection. 

However, Google announced updates to make “Google Go” even more useful. 

According to reports:

“The Discover feed has been integrated within Google Go to help people stay in the know with their interests. It provides an ongoing look at the things they care about, like the latest content on their football team, people of interest, music and news stories.”

“From next week, users will also be able to access the Assistant directly from Google Go in a new Nigerian voice. Using only their voice, they will be able to ask Google to call their mum, play the latest Burna Boy video, or find the best Jollof in town.” 

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