Inlaks launches innovation lab

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As part of its efforts to bring innovative solutions to the fintech industry and pave the way for young technology entrepreneurs Inlaks has launched an innovation lab called “thehatch”. 

The launch of thehatch supports the vision of Inlaks to expand into a new phase termed “Inlaks 2.0”.

According to a statement by the lab, once established it would provide a platform to build, scale and nurture fintech startups by ensuring a level playing field for domestic technological ideas.

The company also noted that the establishment of the lab will guarantee an easy penetration into the fintech market with finances, training, ample resources, and collaborative spheres to provide best-in-class fintech solutions.

The launch of thehatch innovative lab would begin with a Hackathon challenge themed, “Shaping the future of Insurance”, which is geared towards the development of technologically-enabled solutions that solve major problems in the insurance sector.

Quoting the Managing Director, Africa Operations, Inlaks, Femi Adeoti, 

“Most tech start-ups do not have the experience to reach the customers that would buy into their solutions. It is, therefore, our goal to hand-hold these start-ups and take them to greater heights while interfacing with some of our global clients and partners, and thereby take advantage of the opportunities that are possible.

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“Thehatch” is an Inlaks innovation lab that offers programs designed to identify, nurture and scale great innovations with the potential to transform the financial service sector in Nigeria and globally. In the recognition of the fact that creative minds and startups need support and an environment that fosters creativity, thehatch with its well-structured and methodical approach identifies these great ideas, nurtures and develops them into viable digital businesses.”

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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