Gucci Innovation Enables Trying of Shoes Through iOS App

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Gucci Innovation Enables Trying of Shoes Through iOS App

Many fashion brands are using augmented reality to enable their customers to try out products remotely. Gucci, the Italian luxury fashion brand, is now doing something similar. It has launched a new iOS app which enables customers to remotely try out its Ace sneakers collection used augmented reality.

The app enables users to pick the Ace sneakers that they want to try out and then simply point their device’s camera to their feet. The app will then prompt them to try out the shoes virtually. They can also use an integrated photo feature to take a picture of themselves essentially wearing the ones they like and then share the images on social media.

Gucci’s new iOS app powers this augmented reality feature by using on-device and real-time machine learning algorithms that detect the position of the shoes in space while also accounting for lighting variations, texture, and color. The foot-tracking tech is thus robust enough to not only adapt to different camera angles but also follow the feet as they move.

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The underlying tech is provided by Wannaby, a startup based in Belarus that builds augmented reality-based commerce experiences. It has already launched an app earlier this year called Wanna Kicks which allows customers to personalize and try on shoes from a large catalog

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