Jennaye Fennell – The Author/Mom Whose 3 Kids are Also Successful Published Authors

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Jennaye Fennell

Jennaye Fennell must be a happy woman and a great inspiration to her three children who are successful published authors as she is..

Combined, they have written 7 books in total, and most of their books are based on a series called Fennell Adventures that encourages young people to take an interest in traveling

During a
family trip to Hawaii, Jennaye’s 9-year old son, Jace, told her that he wanted
to write a book to inspire other
to enjoy reading and traveling just as much as he does.
After returning home, he got started immediately and soon after released his first book entitled Journey through
Hawaii with Jace
. He later wrote a second book, Journey through
Cuba with Jace

This made a
huge impression on Jace’s younger brother, 8-year old Merl; He quickly became
inspired to become an author just like his big brother. Merl said, “Mom, I go
on these trips too. Can you help me write a book like Jace?”  Soon
after, Journey through Texas with Merl was added to the Fennell
 series. And since then, Merl has written another book
entitled Journey through New Orleans with Merl.

The boys’
older sister, 15-year old Jiyah decided that she wanted to get in on the action
as well. She had already been a professional face painter, and had taught both
of her brothers and other children how to face paint.

So she
decided to write a book based on that called Princess Jiyah’s Face
Painting Fairytale
, which teaches positive character traits. She too has
written a second book about traveling that has been added to the series
called Journey through Atlanta with Jiyah.

Their mom,
Jennaye, was supportive and positive about her children’s new venture, but she
was also very much inspired by them. It became a normal routine for people to
inquire about where these children got their drive to become authors. This led
to Jennaye writing her book, Hope and Happiness.

Most would
think that the mother would inspire her children to write, but in this case, it
was the complete opposite. Her book, therefore, is a guide for parents on how
to raise and support young entrepreneurial children.

All in all,
the Fennell family
, Based in Atlanta,  aim to inspire and promote the motto of
“Living life to the Fullest.” This means following your dreams and desires
right now. Their series is very unique because the books are choose-your-own
adventure books. This means that they can be read in over 28 different ways!

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