Korea to Use Annual Drawing Competition to Strengthen Ties with Nigeria

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Annual Drawing Competition

Korea aims to use annual Drawing competition as a key driver to further strengthen relations between the two countries. The annual drawing competition was primarily organized to enhance a working relationship between the two countries. The Director of the Korean Cultural Center in Nigeria (KCCN), Mr. Lee Jones Su made this known during an interview on the sidelines of the competition in Abuja.

Korea and Nigeria are two great countries dominating their respective continents. Both countries have no history together, especially in foreign trade.

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The 2019 edition, which is the ninth in a row, consists of 250 pupils from 35 different primary schools within Abuja.

“We want the children to grow up understanding that Nigeria and Korea are good allies. After the annual drawing competition, we would allow the invited judges to observe and select the winners. On May 21st, the winners will be unveiled”. Su said.

Likewise, the coordinator of the competition and Head of Culture and Creative Arts, FCT Universal Basic Education Commission, Mrs. Irene Okafor, said that the contestants were from the grassroots. “We are going into the grassroots to bring them up to have the skills and the drawing techniques”.

“They have been doing it for years and the children are improving. And it has also helped to enhance the relationship. You can see that the pupils are interacting with one another”.

“Before we began, a workshop was organized by KCCN for the teachers. We got an artist that trained the teachers on the topic ‘Freedom’. This was based on Koreans’ struggle towards independence over 100 years ago”.

“So they had to go into the classrooms to teach the pupils how to draw any article with the concept of freedom. So the pupils are expected to draw anything that relates to freedom”, the coordinator said.

At the annual drawing competition event, the pupils were given the necessary materials to display their talents.

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