Microsoft Office 2019 to Be Launched in the Second Quarter of 2018

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Microsoft has announced that its next professional office suite, Office 2019 will only work for computers with Windows 10. The release of its trial version will be in the spring of the second quarter of this year. The official version will be launched mid-2018, it will offer seven years of support for those who use the service, five years of general support and two years of extended support.

Microsoft Office 2019 package will include basic and essential programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Skype for Business or SharePoint among others. This will make it more targeted towards companies. It is designed to be the most popular office suite in the world.

Despite the competitors that have emerged, it is a very complete package with a large number of tools whose platform has a large number of users familiar with its use and has a great competitive advantage in the office market. It has a function where you can click to run, allowing you to use the program while the installation is carried out. This is unlike Office 2016 , the previous package, which worked with Windows 7 and all those later operating systems.

Microsoft office 2019 can be a hindrance to those users who want to use the new version, because more than half of computers that have Windows in the world are still using Windows 7. It is clear that the goal of Microsoft is to enhance Windows 10, since the previous version, 8 was a failure. So, it is intended to increase the number of users with the updated version, so they can enjoy a better computing experience. That is, to use the most updated version of the Office package legally it will be necessary to update to Windows 10. This software will offer three years less support than they had with the previous versions, therefore, support Office 2019 by Microsoft will be finalized on October 14, 2025. The organization considers that programs that are older than 10 years are less productive and less secure.

One of the versions of Microsoft that is increasing in recent years is Office 365 . It allows users have the most recent applications, both online and on the desktop in all devices, storing this information in the cloud. Having always said data at our disposal and with the users that is shared.

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