Mystic Marcus the Psychic Pig Predicts Russia 2018 World Cup Semi-Finalists

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It may sound funny and even absurd that a piglet could predict a game played by men, but according to previous predictions released, Mystic Marcus (the piglet) has a 100 percent success track record. Something without doubt, unusual but that draws attention.

If you a sports fan that believes in prediction, it could be time to trust the choice of a piglet. With the opening of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, bookmakers from all over the world are struggling to choose their winners in the tournament while a piglet has gone ahead to do so.

For some football fans, the difference between winning and losing a bet could be based on Marcus, a supposed “psychic” pig from Derbyshire in England, as he is known for successfully predicting the results of sporting events.

His owner Stevens states that Marcus’ skills stem from the fact that he is the ‘seventh child.’ In folklore and legends around the world, it is believed that the seventh children of uninterrupted lines of male heirs have magical powers or special abilities. When Stevens tried Marcus for the first time, he was surprised to discover that the pig was capable of predicting the results of football matches.

“A few years ago I was invited to a radio show because Paul, the octopus, predicted results and wanted to see if I had any animal that could have the same capacity. I had not tried the seventh child theory, so I decided to try it. They used apples and oranges and from those elements, Marcus predicted the correct result. It was incredible”.

Stevens indicated that Mystic Marcus then went on to resign the Brexit vote and even the election of President Donald Trump. Once, the pig refused to choose between two teams that would play in a football match and the result ended in a draw.

This year, in predicting the semifinalists of the World Cup, Marcus was placed in a circle of apples, each of which had a flags of the 32 rival nations in the tournament. Surprisingly, Marcus chose the apples that represented Belgium, Argentina, Nigeria and Uruguay as semifinalists. How perfect will this prediction be this time? We will have to wait until July 6 and 7, the dates of the semifinal qualifying matches to confirm

“It has a 100% record; I think that one day you will have to make a mistake even though you have not done it yet” his owner said “We hope that Marcus will be right again.”

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