Marketing force behind new ground-breaking NatShield with Path-Away, the world’s first organic natural anti-pathogenic disinfecting sanitizer, is British-Caribbean trailblazer Morell Maison

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Sensationally, the sanitiser was tested by a leading U.K. bio-safety laboratory last week and found to be more than 99.99% effective against the feline coronavirus, a surrogate the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

Global entrepreneur Morell Maison, who was born in Hackney, London to Guyanese parents, has yet again made a sensational impact in the business world by spearheading Natshield with Path-Away the leading-edge sanitizer that has already been on the lips of President Donald Trump in his White House press briefing last week, when he clumsily confirmed to the world there is a new disinfectant (and sanitizer) that ‘knocks out’ COVID:19 based on information he had received about NatShield with Path-Away. 

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The world-wide buzz surrounding the world’s first organic natural anti-pathogenic disinfecting sanitizer has only just begun, but the force behind the product has been carving out a niche as one of the world’s most pioneering marketing masterminds, for decades. 


Often breaking the mould as the first Black man to not only step in to, but single-handedly dominate spaces with low BAME representation, he has consistently operated as a low-profile key influencer whilst letting his work do the talking and make some noise across diverse and international industries. His vast marketing experience pre-dates his renowned implementation of Prestel (the UK Post office View data technology in the U.K) with an impressive history as a leading sales consultant with Abbey Life and Target Life. For a period, he shattered the glass ceiling as Kettering FC football manager, placing him alongside just five Black football managers in the country. Maison will once again join forces with former Kettering FC owner Imraan Ladak who will play an instrumental figure in the U.K. distribution of NatShield. Football dream fulfilled, Marketing soon beckoned Maison, and he continued to revolutionise in business; launching Osarge DNA, a company he set up with the input of leading scientists to deliver accessibility to Ancestry by DNA, and maternal lineage tests, enabling the diaspora to identify their roots. The same year, he established the viral platform Osarge News, connecting the global diaspora with the world’s first ‘African Diaspora News Service.’ 

Marketing isn’t merely in numbers and branding; it lies in people. Connecting with individuals, understanding their dimensions and uniqueness. People are the heart and soul of marketing and that, for me, is key.’ 

Maison’s latest triumph harnesses the natural powers of Path-Away which works by attaching itself to the virus and weakening the cell walls. It inhibits its ability to accumulate amino acids (the basic building block of cells) and forces the virus cells to clump together, which die in the process. As a natural, alcohol- and GMO-free solution can be used by all age groups, is safe on pets and can be used as a natural airbourne and surface sanitiser. This is crucial because COVID:19 has been found to survive for longest on stainless steel and plastic, research showing up to nine days. Natshield with Path-A-Way Personal Organic Disinfectant is a highly potent yet extremely safe disinfectant that is safe for children and adults and can be sprayed directly into the mouth and swallowed; or inhaled without any discomfort or harmful effects. Made with all-natural ingredients and processed in highly purified water and produced in guarded, approved and compliant facilities.

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“I have been in this arena for more than 30- years and never have I seen such an insatiable demand of hand and surface sanitisers. It does not matter where; folks are looking for added protection and defense. Also, there is a growing need for a natural product. As it is an all-natural sanitiser that can easily be used on the hands, face and around the nose that has now been confirmed to be effective on COVID:19. It is a genuine privilege to be behind such a vital product at a time where we’re watching death rates around us increase in the face of a pandemic. The coming months will be busy as we fight the situation head on, growing Natshield with Path-Away’s product base to meet the everyday needs of our growing, diverse and global customers.” Morell Maison CEO, Health Therapies LLC

Already confirmed to be effective against 170 deadly pathogens by world renowned laboratories including the World Health Organisation, testing began On March 12, at a microbiology laboratory in London, U.K, in collaboration with Global Infections Control Consultants to determine Natshield With Path-Away’s effectiveness against COVID-19. COVID-19’s ability to survive on surfaces for up to nine days while remaining aerosolized, or airborne, is among the reasons attributed for its rapid global spread in recent weeks.


In true tried and tested Maison style, there is simply nothing like this on the market today, yet again setting him apart as one of the most dynamic figures in business and marketing to date. 

Admired for his boundless energy and uniquely dynamic approach to marketing, the notoriously private father of five has been thrust into the limelight with the launch of NatShield. NatShield is set to make headlines in the coming weeks as Maison continues to push the envelope in his heavyweight endeavour to safely connect people with science, education, and care to slow the spread of viruses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Written by Daniella Maison


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