Nigerian Sculptor boosts patients’ hopes with creation of dark skin prosthetic 

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Unforeseen circumstances are usually what they are; unforeseen, which meet people when they never expect. Many people today are walking with amputated limbs due to accidents or certain circumstances not bargained for. For this reason many have lost hope of living normal lives, staying indoors in complete despair. 

But there is hope really; thanks to the audacity of innovation. A  Nigerian sculptor, John Amanam with his knowledge in the art has produced hyper-realistic prosthesis of several body parts to raise the hopes of those who think all is lost.

John, who was also a former movie special effects expert said he was inspired by a cousin who lost several fingers in an accident. “Overtime, I was thinking of methods to help him as a sculptor and thought to myself, since I have sculpted human beings, why can’t I create something that can actually be used by human beings.”

The 32-year-old said that after his cousin lost his fingers, he begin to feel more empathy towards others who are experiencing similar situations.

“They had this feeling of disparity whenever they were around other people. I saw it as a problem . If I could be of help in solving this need, it would go a long way to ease that emotional trauma and loss of confidence,” he added.

“All I want for them is to feel at home and be whole, aesthetically.”

Until now, most prosthetics in the Nigerian market have been white, or made from materials such as wood which also look unrealistic.

“You barely find people with black skin prosthetics,” John said. “I want this prosthesis to be met within Africa. I want the reach to extend to all blacks all over the world as well, by making this process accessible, and affordable.” 

Amanam’s work has been medically approved for patients who are in need of body part replacements, although he still says there is room for improvement. “I have visited many hospitals and the product has been received with open arms because the materials used in producing are medically approved.”

According to Amanam, he intends to establish a factory in Akwa Ibom, his home state where he intends to manufacture the products in large quantities for local and international export.

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