Ruckus networks debuts wi-fi 6 in Africa

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Ruckus Networks has completed its first use case in Africa at The Fourth Session of the UN Environment Assembly held in Nairobi Kenya.

The new standard allows faster network performance by connecting more devices simultaneously, transitioning Wi-Fi to the de-facto for internet connectivity.

The company delivered the Wi-Fi 6 experience with its R730 access points.

Quoting the sales director for Ruckus Networks sub-Saharan Africa, Riaan Graham:

“Wi-Fi has transitioned through six generations over the last 25 years, where speed and efficiency have improved tremendously”. 

“The latest sixth-generation Wi-Fi, based on the 802.11ax standard, not only supports a maximum data rate of nearly 10 Gbps for better speed but will provide better performance in congested areas from stadiums and city deployments to your own device-packed home”. 

“This was clearly seen with the speed and performance achieved at UNEA-4, with 50 Ruckus APs supporting approximately 733GB for over 4700 clients with an average speed of 105.9Mbps each day.”

Graham explained that Wi-Fi 6 is essentially built for IoT, a future-facing upgrade that can be costly and difficult to manage. Even more, this technology showcased four-fold capacity increase, along with better security.

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