Scientist discover new species of Mouse in Africa

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Scientists have announced the discovery of new species - Colomys of rodents that are similar to an extinct species called Nilopegamys.

The new species referred to as Colomys is considered to be extremely rare and are found in Western Africa and to the Eastern part in Ethiopia.

This new species has been able to adapt to aquatic habitat as a result of its body features – They have water resistant fur, long and broad feet and large brains. This makes them well suited to swampy areas and shallow rivers.

By investigating the DNA analysis of the new species, it was also discovered that it had two other species that have not been described thus, giving it a tentative name of Colomys Lumumbai and Colomys Wologizi.

It was also gathered that the discovery of more of these closely related species should not be ruled out as there is a vast habitat that is yet to be explored.

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